Troubleshooting and analysis of Azure Web Apps with KUDU by David Papkin

david papkinThis post by David Papkin is Troubleshooting and analysis of Azure Web Apps with KUDU.

After setting up a Website in Microsoft Azure, using Azure Web Apps, Kudu provides troubleshooting and analysis

Kudu is the engine behind git deployments in Azure Web Sites. It can also run outside of Azure.

To access KUDU, Access it througfh

David Papkin - Access Kudu






Environment – Useful information about the environment

David Papkin - Azure environment










Debug console (CMD prompt, Powershell )

Clicking on the Debug Console, then CMD or PowerShell opens a Command prompt or a Powershell prompt console, respectively. The screencap below shows a Powershell session. You can do a variety of Powershell and commands, such as get-process or dir.

David Papkin - Kudu CMD




David Papkin - Access Kudu






Process Explorer. You can look at the Id-PID of the W3WP process and see if it changes when you run a request. If it does, the process is likely crashing and that needs to be analyzed further to see why.


David Papkin - Process Explorer




Tools – Diagnostic dump,Log,Web hooks, Download deployment script,Support.

Diagnostic dump. This downloads logs which can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

David Papkin - Diag DUmp

Support will bring up a new Browser window , Azure App Service Support 

David Papkin - Support





Options Are Observe, Analyze, Mitigate

David Papkin - Observe







David Papkin - Analyze







David Papkin - Mitigate







This concludes this post on using KUDU to troubleshoot your Azure Web App


For further information,

This concludes this post by David Papkin troubleshooting and analysis of Azure Web Apps with KUDU

David Papkin



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